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Ok. So yesterday while squeeing to my friend spazzychick96 she asked me a good question, and I thought I would just be cool and make an FAQ. I know I know. Another all text post. Isn't this an icon journal? Yes, it is an icon journal I just figured I would get this out of the way. I'm sorry. I know its annoying, but its necessary... sorta. Just humor me please?

1. Who are you?
--This is simple. Call me Katie. Everyone does. I know my userinfo says Katherine, but we'll get to that in a second. Yes, some people know my last name. No I will not put it out on the internet, especially on LJ. I love LJ, but I love the feeling of safety more. I am a paranoid person to begin with.

2. How old are you?
-- I'm currently 17 almost 18. No big.

3. Schooling?
-- I'm going into my first year of university! Yes, its going to be a busy year so this journal could be neglected for short ammounts of time especially since I slacked majorly last semester, not to mention I have a part time job at Dairy Queen and they give me shit hours :)

4. Where do you live?
--I live in Canada. Where? Well its a big country. Get a map and guess.

5. Where did Chelly come from?
-- Ok, well first of all as much as you want to say CHelly, its more like SHelly. I know, weird. That's me. Ok, so where did it come from. So I tried to put my first and last name together in some unique form or fashion and it just didn't work. So I compromised, took my middle name Michelle, took away the MI, got rid of the last E and added a Y. Chelly. Got it now?

6. Can I have your kids/Will you marry me/Be my lover... etc.?
-- Two things. I'm female so technically I would have to have your kids not to mention my mother would slaughter me if I got pregnant. So that's a no. I like being single so I no marriage either. And I already promised Jenna that I'd be her lesbian lover so no :-P.

7. Do you really make these icons?
-- YES. I do.

8. What program do you suggest?
--Well, I have used a couple programs. I used Paint for a long long time. I got really good at cutting, pasting, and I was really skilled with an eraser for a long time. That was during the summer of '04. Then for a while I used PaintShop Pro trial. I loved that program. But my trial ran out. If you have the money and like icons and will use the program, I say go for it. I used GIMP for a while. I had a hard time with it, but it got easier as you worked with it. And now I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 that my friend gave me and I adore it. <3 you Neal!

9. How did you do this to an icon/graphic?
-- If its simple I'll probably answer it. If its like "How did you get this effect" I might not. Why? Because I probably don't remember. I have used tutorials before. They are God's gift to this Earth. But myself, I don't make tutorials. Why? Because I don't remember how I make icons. I'll remember little things, but I won't remember how to make a whole icon. Also, many of my overlays I make myself specific for that picture and then won't save it. I'm terrible for it, unless I absolutely love it. But ask anyways. I might remember, especially if I just made the icon/graphic, but seriously, creating your own style of icons is much more fun anyways. Its all trial and error people!

10. Where do you get your pictures/bases?
-- From all over the place. Google image search is a godsend and as are fansites. If you want Hayden pictures, there is one essential place to go. That is Desiring Hayden [dot] Net. I love it. Please credit that site because the webmaster deserves it. Its absolutely stunning. Other than that, everywhere. I might post a link to a site that I discovered has great graphics or I might forget. I'm only human. If you're a webmaster of a graphics site and you want credit and I haven't, please PLEASE tell me. I'll fix it. I'll be happy to credit you. Or if you want to know where I got a specific picture... I might not be able to tell you because again, I might not remember. But ask because I'm more than willing to put the orginial image on my PB and send you a link. :) Again, I am a people pleaser.

Ok folks, anything I haven't covered, ask away. :)

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